Pearl Yacht


Pearl Yacht 100% rayon embroidery thread is specifically manufactured for today's high speed multi-head embroidery machines. Its features include high lustre and high tenacity as well as unparalleled dye fastness. The vat dyes that are used for most of Pearl Yacht rayon thread colours are water-insoluble; they are applied in a reduced and soluble from, i.e. dyeable condition, with an alkaline reduction agent and then reoxidized to their original, insoluble from. This costly and highly skillful dyeing process provides exceptional colour fastness to washing, sunlight, perspiration and various chemicals including chlorine. Pearl Yacht rayon thread is a "must" for value-added and high quality embroidery. It comes in three different sizes and is available in an exciting wide colour selection.
120d/2 (#40) is the standard size thread for most machine embroidery applications. Available in 748 colors., including 37 multi-colors, on 2,000 meter cones. Also 4,000 meter cones are available from stock in White, Black, Red, and Navy.
75d/2 (#60) is the thinnest thread suitable for highly detailed designs and name embroidery. Also great for use on very delicate fabrics. Available in 748 colors, including 37 multi-colors, on 3,000 meter cones. White and Black are available on 6,000 meter cones from stock for immediate delivery.
200d/2 (#25) is a heavy-weight thread which is mostly used in larger designs to reduce the stitch count and is used on heavy weight fabrics. And suitable for top stitching and chain stitch embroidery applications. Used in the loopers, it is also great for decorative embroidery on lockstitch machines. Available in 501 plain colours on 2,500 meter cones.
NB 120d/2 (#40) is a so-called non bright rayon which is specifically designed and engineered to be used where lustre is not desired. Available in 501 plain colours on 2,000 meter cones.         Top


Pearl Yacht 100% acrylic embroidery thread is available in many different sizes for machine embroidery and decorative stitching applications. This highly-engineered acrylic thread features a silky and soft texture with low specific gravity. Its unique colour forming offers a graceful lustre, not too much sheeny and not too much dull. It is durable and exceptionally dye fast.
Softeene 120 (#60) is a 75 denier 2-ply thread. Preshrunk, it appears to be bigger in thickness similar to120/2 denier or #40 weight thread Suitable for embroidery on knitted fabrics and many other different materials. Available in 519 colours including 12 fluorescents, on 2,000 meter cones.
Softeene 180 (#40) is a preshrunk 125 denier 2-ply thread Its thickness appears to similar to that of 180/2 denier or #30 weight thread. Suitable for same applications as Acrylic120 and for decorative stitching on lockstitch machines using in the loopers.
Softeene 450 (#20) is a 150 denier 3-ply thread which is widely used in large embroidery designs to reduce the stitch count. Also used for chenille embroidery and decorative sewing on heavy weight fabrics. Available in 165 colours, including three multi-colours, on 1,200 meter cones.
Softeene 900 (#10) is a 300 denier 3-ply thread. It features a slight twist suitable for finishing emblem edges. Also used for chenille embroidery and many other decorative stitching applications.. Available in 95 colours on 1,000 meter cones.
Softeene G (#15) is a 300 denier 2-ply thread. Made of conjugated acrylic fiber, it is specifically designed for chenille and chain stitch embroidery. Available in 103 colours on 930 meter cones.
Softeene MX-Ⅱ(#25), different from all other Acrylic threads, is made of 60% acrylic and 40% wool. Dyed acrylic and non-dyed wool are twisted together to provide a tweed like appearance. Most suitable for embroidery on knitted garments and also for chenille and chainstitch embroidery applications. It is available in 102 variegated colour including 3 plain colours, on 1,200 meter cones. Top

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