About us

Glory-plus, A leading fashion and garment accessories enterprise, it established in 1990, which supplied the high quality  products to assist Chinese and Hong Kong garment manufacturing for USA, European, Japanese, and Far East markets.

In 1992, Glory-Plus were appointed the Hong Kong and China sole agents of Germany Astor Button and buckle, germany, and japanese Pearl Yacht embroidery threads series.

Main products include: Pearl Yacht embroidery threads, such as rayon, acrylic, cotton, polyester, and silk embroidery threads, Secondly, Astor cloth-covered buttons/buckles moulds (shanks), dies, and belts machineries series, Thirdly, We have specialized in the production of the nickel-free of the fabric covered buttons/buckles, fashion belts with Azo-free materials to satisfy all customers's high requestments and to improve their world well-known brands' prestige.

Glory-Plus keenly responds to the changing fashion and various needs of the market, always challenge in future.

Pearl Yacht
- Rayon
- Acrylic
- Metallic
- Specialty
- Polyester
- Button Styles
- Buckle
- Badge Button
- Catelogue load
- Upholstery nails
- Tufting combinations
- Machine
- Belt Systems